We connect students and companies through virtual micro-internships.

Micro-internships are short-term and remote engagements helping students to choose the best career, while enabling companies to easily find international talent.

Disappointed with unpaid internships, unrealistic experience expectations or vague company presentations? We’re here to help!

Key benefits of interning through Vaqat:


With Vaqat, you can complete real projects with companies and build up your resume early-on, increasing your chances for a great full-time job after graduation!


With each project, you build up your professional network. Additionally, each 5+ day micro-internship ends with a virtual "coffee chat" session to help you learn more about the company and industry!


Applying is free and Vaqat ensures all micro-interns are paid on time. The salary will be matched with your skills and feedback, allowing you to earn as much as $20 per hour.

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Micro-internships are remote and short (up to 6 weeks) allowing you to see what companies do and how, while completing your degree (we have summer projects too).


We partner only with trusted employers to ensure the quality of your experience. To maintain the satisfaction, we continuously  collect post-internship feedback as well!

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Leverage micro-internships to grow your business, increase staff retention and facilitate global recruitment efforts!

Key benefits of hiring through Vaqat:

Vetted skills

Vaqat validates skills through tests & initial interviews, simplifying HR involvement and allowing you to hire the most skilled candidates.

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Most companies recruit through a few channels and target a limited number of campuses. With Vaqat, you can easily reach a global and diversified university talent pool.


Hourly prices vary between $3 and $24, making it significantly cheaper than freelancers’ compensation. Also, you pay only for a specific task, avoiding idle junior staff.

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Short & Easy

Programs can be as short as one day offering companies a unique out-staffing capability. Also, you don't need to worry about payroll, visa, and other logistics!

Talent match

With Vaqat you can validate potential candidates through real work, which can lead to higher conversion and retention rates in the future.

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